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July 21st - 7:00pm - PNHPWA Monthly Meeting
July 24th - Medicare for All March in Seattle

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Dr. Gerald Friedman's economic analysis of how a state single plan would affect our state

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Since 1987 Physicians for a National Health Program has advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. A large part of our work involves educating health professionals, and others, about the benefits of a single-payer system - including fewer administrative costs and providing comprehensive health insurance for all residents of the United States.

PNHPWA July 21st Monthly Meeting

"PNHPWA Board Retreat Decisions"

Chuck Richards

On July 17th, PNHPWA had a Board Retreat facilitated by Chuck Richards, Past-President of Health Care for All - WA.

We talked about the PNHPWA Mission Statement, ways to pressure Congress to move ahead on Improved Medicare for All in 2021-22, and plans for our next PNHPWA

Register for the meeting here

Save the Date - July 24th Medicare for All March in Seattle

Join us in this important action to show your support of Improved Medicare for All. The march in Seattle is one of now 50 cities across the country. The March is endorsed by lots of organizations including PNHPWA, HCHR-WA, HCFA-WA. Local speakers include PNHPWA's Hugh Foy as well as Joe Martin (Pike Place Market Clinic), and Gina Owens (WA-CAN). It will assemble in Westlake Park around 1PM, then march to Seattle Center's Mural Amphitheater. There will be speakers and entertainment at both ends and along the way, including Jim Page and Bob Wickline.

National Event Website - - with information About US, Coalition partners in cities across the country, and Seattle specific info including hoot speed the word and sign-up

July 24th, 4PM - Black Health Equity Rally

After the M4A March, head back to Westlake Center for an important march and vigil in honor of Kaloni Bolton. She was not immediately treated at a Renton urgent care clinic while suffering a severe asthma attack, dying at age 12 because of medical racism and negligence. Hosted by Decolonizing Science


July 30th 1-3pm - Premera: We Deny Your Claim

Washington CAN is organizing this event at Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield's Montlake Terrace Campus, focusing on its raising its rates by 35% in 2018 and slashing its workforce.

Action details here

July 29th, 3-4:30pm - Forum with Seattle Mayoral Candidates 


Sponsored by Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action and Mayor's Commission on African American Elders Zoom link


July 30th, 8-9am - Bannering for Medicare for All

Please join us in bannering over the I-5 50st Overpass in Seattle.

Info & Sign up here


Recent Events

June 15th - HCHR-WA - "Medicare for All and State-Based Universal Health Care - Teach-In" with Stephanie Kang, Rep. Jayapal's Health Policy Director explained the Medicare for All proposal and health care gains we could win in the next big Congressional package. We also got a report on the new Washington State Universal Health Care Commission and other health care gains made in the 2021 legislative session, the "Medicare Cliff" problem, Medicare (dis) Advantage plans, Plan for an August meeting with health care reform advocates and our federal and state legislators, and HCHR-WA Calls to Action.

Watch the meeting video here

Health Care for All - WA - Meeting with Senators Emily Randall (LD 26), Karen Keiser (LD 33),  David Frocckt (LD 48) and Rep. Nicole Macri(LD 43) to recap the “Health Care Victories in the 2021 Legislative Session” - Check here for info

Health Care for All - WA - "How Racism Creates Health Inequities" Check for recorded video link with Health Care for All WA
Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action - Webinar on how Medicare Advantage sabotages traditional Medicare - watch it here
HCFA-WA webinar - "Great American Health Care Scam" - Dr. David Belk exposes the  skam of drug & hospital pricing. Sponsored by HCFA-WA - Check for recorded video link with Health Care for All WA
May 19th - PNHPWA Monthly Meeting - "America's Might Medical-Industrial Complex: Negative Impacts and Positive Solutions"  - Dr. John Geyman - watch it here and download John's slides from PNHPWA 

Future Events

July 24th, 1pm - March for Medicare for All in Seattle - details coming
August Congressional Recess - HCHR-WA Forum with our federal and state lawmakers to discuss how Congress can 
support our state's health care needs and commitment to covering all Washingtonians - Date TBD

PNHPWA has changed its email address and contact info to

PNHPWA Past Meetings

PNHPWA June 16th Monthly Meeting
"Planning for July 24th Medicare for All March"

Andre Stackhouse

On July 24th, PNHPWA will be joining with other local organization to demonstrate our advocacy for Improved Medicare for All (our own Rep. Pramila Jayapal's HR 1976) in the streets of downtown Seattle. There will be similar marches across the country

Andre Stackhouse, the lead organizer for the march in Seattle brought us up to speed on the march plans at this point.
Watch the meeting video here 

PNHPWA May 19th Monthly Meeting
"America's Mighty Medical-Industrial Complex:
Negative Impacts and Positive Solutions"

John Geyman, MD

We were very honored to have Dr. John Geyman join us from Friday Harbor to discuss his latest book. It could not be published at a more timely period as the pandemic has further exposed the inadequacies in our shameful health system. We should all have this book (order here) to keep us up-to-date on what we have to know as we advocate for Improved Medicare for All in 2021.

The meeting discussion after John's presentation included a range of topics -  state and national single payer advocacy, "good" and "bad" incrementalism, is the M4A movement headed in the "right" direction?, the dangers of private equity in our HC system, student debt and family practice, and more.
Download John's Powerpoint slides here

Watch the meeting here 


PNHPWA April 21st Meeting
"Rural Health Care and Medicare for All"

Kevin Walsh, MD

Health care in rural areas has suffered over the past many years as economic interests have concentrated and consolidated health care resources in more lucrative urban areas. Rural hospitals have shut down and patients have to travel long distances to receive care.

In our meeting, Dr. Kevin Walsh described working in the public sector for over 30 years;  at the Indian Health Service Clinic in Chinle, AZ,  the Farm Workers Clinic in Toppenish, WA, the Eastside CHC in Bellevue and most recently in the Community Health Clinic of Central Washington in Ellensburg.

We had a lively discussion that covered Kevin's career with lots of comments and questions about providing care away from the "main stream." 
Watch the meeting here

PNHP's Kitchen Table Campaign on Rural Health
 has lots of info, handouts, video and other resources here

PNHPWA March 17th Meeting
"Extending PNHPWA's Network Statewide"
Kaytlin Gilbert - PNHP National Organizer

PNHP Western Washington has just changed its name to PNHP Washington. This indicates our hopes and plans to extend our network and truly become a strong state-wide organization as we move along in 2021 in our advocacy for Improved Medicare for All. We were very fortunate to have as our speaker Kaytlin Gilbert, PNHP's National Organizer, Zoomed in from Chicago.

Kaytlin told us about how other state or local chapters of PNHP have gone about organizing wider networks and what we can learn from those experiences.
Watch the Zoom meeting here

PNHPWA February 17th Meeting
"Conversations across Differences"
Robert Reich (video)

In this meeting we "participated" in a lecture by the legendary Robert Reich who talked about how to communicate effectively and convincingly with audiences that might not share the same views and values. This topic is especially appropriate at this point in time in 2021 as we advocate for Improved Medicare for All and need to bring new people into the conversation. The video is about 80 minutes but broken into segments where the 20 attendees discussed what they just heard and how it relates to our organizing for Improved Medicare for All.
You can watch the meeting here

Healthcare Now has made several videos of the plenary session and workshops from its excellent Jan 18-24
Medicare for All 2021 Strategy Conference available:

Pramila Jayapal: Victories and Challenges Ahead for the M4A Bill - here
Panel: Where We Go from Here: Lessions for the Movement - here
COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities for Medicare for All - here
False Promise of the Public Option - here
Medicare for All and the Future of Labor - here
Implicit Bias, Health Inequities, and Medicare for All - here
Medicare for All and Racial Justice - here 
Single Payer 101 + Biden's Plans - here
Shaping the Fight in a New Organizing Landscape - here
Notes on Developing Leadership - here

John Geyman's latest book and pamphlet

The rise of an enormous medical-industrial complex (MIC) over the last 60 years in the United States has brought wealth to ever-larger corporations, their shareholders and CEOs at the expense of most Americans who struggle gaining access to affordable health care. 

Despite its might on Wall Street, the MIC has left our country poorly prepared to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, together with its resultant economic downturn. Add the third simultaneous challenge -systemic racism, made obvious by the inequities of disproportionate numbers of COVID-19 deaths among minorities. 

This book describes how the status quo that puts profits ahead of care for patients and families is untenable. It describes three alternative approaches to health care reform, and shows what a 'new normal' can and should look like based on evidence and values of equity and service instead of profiteering, corruption and fraud. 

This will be an ultimate battle royal between corporate America and Main Street that we can't afford to lose.

Order Book here

"The best guide
to the corporate driven corruption that has overtaken health care, and how the search for profit elbowed aside medical ethics and the best traditions of the medical profession"

David Himmelstein, MD and Steffie Woolhandler, MD

Order Common Sense Here

PNHP Statement on Police Violence and Racism as Public Health Emergencies

Info about and how you can support Black Lives Matter - Seattle-King County

Watch most PNHPWA Previous Monthly Meetings
PNHPWA YouTube Channel


Valuable Resources!!!
PNHP Kitchen Table Campaign - - During each of the first six months of 2020, PNHP will focus on a specific, concrete “kitchen table” issue that requires fundamental reform (like single payer), not minor tweaks (like a public option), and how Improved Medicare for All would fix them. Offered are toolkits with lots of resources: January - "Surprise Billling"; February - "Racial Health Inequities"; March - "Rural Health"; April/May - "Pandemics and Public Health Emergencies"; June - "The Opiod and Addiction Crisis."

Medicare for All Facts - - Collated by Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese of Health Over Profit - Most of what you need to know at your fingertips and continuously updated. Keep these links on your desktop.



For the latest news on health reform legislation - check PNHP articles of interest and opinion - or research a topic by clicking on the Google Custom Search image below:





Other News:

Still working to make our PNHPWA social media more useful. Please submit/share important info, articles, events to/on our Facebook site -

PNHPWA YouTube channel - -

Single payer coalitions:

1) HOPE - Health Over Profit for Everyone; Facebook -; Twitter -

There are 15 Annual PNHP Meeting slideshows of the plenary presentations and workshops that you can review and use the information for local activities, presentations, LTE’s etc. You can see the list of slideshow topics with links to them by clicking here.

Physicians Proposal Released

The updated Physicans Proposal was released via the American Journal of Public Health. Several PNHP leaders were involved in the writing. More than 2,200 physicians have endorsed it so far, including 111 in Washington State. You can download the PNHP press release here The full text is available here and PNHP has released a Summary and Fact Sheet.


Video on Single Payer for Washington State

PNHPWA member Mark Hickling has produced a 12 minute video describing the US health care system and those of other developed nations in a down-to-earth way that we can use in our advocacy with friends and family. This video is great for opening a meeting or houseparty.

You can watch this on YouTube by clicking here or on the photo. If you'd like a DVD copy ($5 for materials and postage), send a request here.


For the latest news on health reform legislation - check PNHP articles of interest and opinion - or research a topic by clicking on the Google Custom Search image below:






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